small pleasures #1

Ellsworth Kelly, Lemon Branch, 1964

Listening to Julia Houlter and Cate Le Bon (thoughtful, alternative approaches to pop!), reading Talk by Linda Rosenkrantz ('transcribed converstations of louche art world New Yorkers in East Hampton in the 1960s'). Liking languid black and white line drawings. Eating vegetarian kimchi dumplings. Making foamy matcha oat milk lattes (not sure about these as they take a lot of fiddling and taste better when someone else, perhaps more expert, makes them).  Looking at beautiful pictures of Hong Kong gardens by Mary Gaudin (just round the corner from my apartment, I wish my pictures of the gardens looked more like this).  Reading new blogs like Sartreuse (I love reading tidy minimal French blogs of younger women and wishing I was this careful and chic!).  

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