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joyful feelings

Cy Twombly, Proteus, 1984

Things that make my heart glow: these beautiful thoughts, falling in love very slowly after a very long time not falling in love with anything at all, the blossoms that are blossoming, walking to work without a hat or gloves and not feeling my bones ache with cold. Seeing paintings by Yves Klein and Cy Twombly and Gerhard Richter in real, glorious life NOT on the internet, confined by screen. They are luminous and huge and I love that I didn't know, that I cried and felt like my chest might explode even though I am 28 and have seen "art" before it was different and special and there is only going to be more, in the future, and I am so excited about the future today.

let's do it

I was wondering what love felt like. It's like this, right?

Sex, truth seeking and second guessing. I can't stop reading Slutever and I'm Boy Crazy. But why don't any women write about sex in a way that's honest but still beautiful and MYSTERIOUS on the internet? 
The Sex Issue (Oops Oh My by Tweet is my jam).
Also, really great and affordable lingerie here
Feminist porn and the Impossible Subject.

the beautiful life

A fairytale existence. The family table - warm, generous, relaxed and always beautiful. 
Alain Badiou on love. I agree - hard work. The best work. 
A thread is running through all this, isn't it.